Water Sports

The benefits of water sports are undeniable

Did you know official research has found that some of the fittest and happiest people are found in and on the water?

It’s official! Research by Bayler Univercity medical centre has proven that the happiest people are found in and on the water. More so they are found doing a variety of watersports and keeping fit by doing Kayaking, Canoeing, Stand Up paddleboarding or any other type of watersports rejuvenates your mind body and spirit.

As Summer approaches and the nights are getting longer you have no excuse not to take an inflatable kayak out on a river or the ocean. We have a guide to the best inflatable kayaks which highlights boats for every budget.

But just how does being on the water benefit you and your body? Let’s take a look.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is probably one of the best forms of exercise to get a full body workout. The whole premise being SUP’s are that you must balance on the board whilst paddling along a river, pond or creek. This balancing act engages muscles in the shoulders, core and hips. Using all of these key muscles helps you transfer the force from the water throughout your entire body.


Kayaking is a very rewarding water sport, it provides a great upper body workout whilst engaging your body and mind. When your paddle enters the water and completes a good stroke, pretty much every muscles in your upper body is used. Ensure that you are using the correct paddle for the sport though as there is a big difference between the cheapest paddles and those that are just slightly more expensive. Our Kayak paddle review and buyer guide will keep you right in choosing the right one for your budget.

One of the best things about kayaking is that you can learn the basic skills in just a few days, meaning you can spend more time perfecting those skills, as well as learning new ones.


Spending time on the water on your own or with a loved one stalking and catching fish is probably one of the most mind and spirit calming exercises you can do. It doesn’t matter if you prefer fly fishing or bait fishing, having the best inflatable boat for fishing will make all the difference in your enjoyment of the sport. If you do prefer to fly fish then we’d suggest reading about the best small fishing pontoon boats available for the sport. Fly fishing from one of these boats really makes such a big difference, we encourage you to try it!


Surfing not only makes you look cool, it makes you feel cool too. One of the main benefits of spending time in the surf is it improved your cardiovascular fitness from paddling out, working on your shoulder and back strength from using your arms to paddle and core and legs strength from standing and balancing on the board. It really is a full body workout!

Ask any surfer and they’ll tell you that getting out of the city, into your wetsuit and riding that wave is one of the easiest ways to relieve stress.

Other benefits of watersports as a whole:

Spending time exercising in the water keeps you from tiring easily. That means that you can spend longer in the water which will increase your overall endurance and length of time you can exercise.
Water sports is a low impact resistance sport, therefore you can take part even if you’ve had past injuries or issues with your joints.

Getting out in nature has proven to calm your body and mind. It also means that you’re appreciating nature and you and your family will realise just how lucky we are to live in or near such beautiful surroundings. It doesn’t matter what vessel you choose to head out on the water on, but if you can’t decide then read our guide on the best  inflatable fishing kayaks. You can  use these boats for much more than just fishinh.

That’s just a small flavour of the benefits of taking part in watersports, what do you think? When will you head out for another paddle?