Surviving In The Wilderness, What Millennials Would Take Vs What You Should

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Have you ever been hiking? If yes, you have at least a general idea of what things you need in the wild. But most millennials nowadays have a very remote understanding of what should be in their survival kit. Let’s see what they would take.

  1. Lighter. Everyone understands they need a fire in the woods. Not everyone, however, knows how to make it even when they have a lighter.
  2. Multi tool. Most millennials would prefer to take one instead of a normal knife or axe. But the thing is useless when it comes to cutting branches for firewood. And it has dozens of gimmicks you hardly ever need.
  3. Flash light. It’s surprising to read that many people would opt for a flashlight. It is really useful, sure – Just check the batteries.
  4. Bug spray. While it is not a surviving necessity, bug spray can make your life in the wild much less miserable. Until it runs out of course.
  5. Snacks. Yes, food is important. But most people would take salty snacks and chocolate which make you thirsty. And dehydration is a much bigger problem.
  6. Water. Taking water is great. An important thing, however, you can never carry enough and it only lasts a few days before you need more.
  7. Fishing kit. It is a good way to get food in the wild. Make sure you know how to fish, of course.Container. Most millennials know they need something to cook food and boil water. Not everyone knows they can’t take a glass or plastic container, though.
  8. Warm clothes. Usually people know to take warm clothes for the night or a sleeping bag.
  9. Mobile Phone. But only until the battery dies and you probably won’t have reception which defeats the purpose!
  10. Camera. People don’t go anywhere without a phone or camera now. It can be useful, I admit.


10 Things To Help You Survive In The Wild

If you had to take a moment and think, what are the things that you cannot live without? When you ask this question nowadays, the answer in most cases will be a smartphone, iPod, laptop and things like that. But in the wild things get real. It turns out you really need a few basic necessities to survive. So if we take all the things that weigh us down out of the equation, what are the things that you absolutely need to survive in the wild?

  1. A water container. You cannot live without water and a container makes it much easier to travel whilst looking for other necessities. So, this one is obvious.
  2. Spark-producing ferro rod. Whilst there are many ways to make fire, you can use matches for example, or go all caveman and rub sticks together, this is a much better choice. You can’t run out of it and it doesn’t take ages to get a lighter going.
  3. A survival knife. You don’t only use it for cutting, but you also use it to make fire with the ferro rod.Warm clothes. Even if it is hot during the day, you will be so thankful you took warm close when dawn comes.
  4. Axe. If you have access to one, the challenge of getting wood for fire and making shelter will make your job much easier. While it is heavy to carry, it’s a must in the wild.
  5. Rope. Ok, we’re getting greedy here but remember what Sam Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings always said you must have on the road? Yup, rope, it saved their lives many times and it might save yours.
  6. Tent. Building a shelter from sticks and debris is an option. Your life will get much easier if you have a tent of some sort. Palm leaves weaved makes an excellent canopy!
  7. First aid kit, or a degree in herbalism if you can’t manage a kit. Unfortunately, accidents happen and being prepared is what we’re all about right?
  8. Compass. I don’t need to explain why you need it, right? The important thing is make sure you know how to use it.
  9. Cooking pot. It is very hard to improvise one in the wild. However it is crucial both to cook for and, more importantly to boil water.
  10. Sun hat – watch that skin!

So what did I miss? What would you replace?


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