Best Fishing Rods And Poles: The Best Rod Can Enhance Your Experience

Best Fishing Rods And Pole
Written by Joe

The best fishing rod will lessen the likelihood of coming home empty-handed. Therefore, i reviewed the best fishing poles for spinning, surf fishing, baitcasting, trolling and saltwater fishing.

Whether you prefer sitting and relaxing at the dock or spending an entire day in a fishing boat trolling the open waters, having the right fishing rod or pole reduces the likelihood of coming home empty-handed.

One of the biggest advantages of having the best fishing rods and reel is that you have the right tools to target your catch. Many people make the mistake of going into a store and blindly purchasing a fishing pole with no information of what a particular rod or reel is best for, what their fishing needs are or even what they should consider when buying fishing equipment. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know to ensure that you make the right purchase.

Types Of Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods Come In A Variety Of Types Including:

  • Spin Casting Rods: These are particularly designed to hold spin casting reels. They come with small eyes and in many cases, a forefinger trigger. They are very similar to bait casting rods, except for the fact that bait casting rods are designed to hold bait casting reels. Many people have taken to referring both spin and bait casting rods as simply casting rods.
  • Spinning Rods: Unlike spin and bait casting rods, the reels on these rods are held in place by a locking or sliding reel seat and hang beneath the rod rather than sit on top. They tend to be 5-8.5 feet long, made from fiberglass or graphite with a PVC foam handle and have 5-8 guides along the underside for better control.
  • Sea Rods: As the name suggests, these rods are designed for fishing in ocean waters. They are usually very thick, about 4 meters long and feature huge, heavy tips, handles as well as eyes. The largest ones are ideal for sport fishing boats. Sea fishing rods also come in specialized types like marlin rods and shark rods. Sea rods are ideal for those who use heavy fishing gear.
  • Surf Casting Rods: They are the most common type of sea rods and resemble oversized spin/bait casting rods. The long grip handles are designed for two-handed casting techniques while the average length of these rods is 3-4 meters. Surfcasters often use them for shore fishing to cast up to six ounces of load and bait more than 100 yards.
  • Telescopic Rods: These are able to collapse to a short length or open to a long rod as required. This makes telescopic rods easy to transport to remote fishing areas or travel on cars, buses and public subways or highways.

They are popular among surf fishermen and the shorter they close, the more eyes they have thus translating to better weight and stress weight distribution. This in turn leads to stronger fish fighting capabilities, further casting and less breaking of the fishing rod.

Overview Of The Top 10 Fishing Rods

Fishing rods and reels included have evolved and the technology behind the manufacturing process makes it possible to get the right tackle for the job so much easier. If you are in the market for one, knowing the best products that the market has to offer wouldn’t hurt especially since there are so many options available. After reviewing tens of fishing rods on Amazon, we bring you best ten fishing rods and their respective reviews.

Abu Garcia 1430429 Revo SX Low Profile Baitcasting Reel, 7.3: 1 Gear Ratio, 30" Retrieve Rate, 24 lb Max Drag, 10 Bearings, Right Hand
9 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth Operation; Duragear brass gear for extended gear life
Penn Spinfisher V 8500 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo, Boat, 7 Feet, Heavy Power
Full Metal Body, sideplate, and rotor; Water Tight Design Sealed HT-100 . Slammer drag system
Pflueger P6635M2CBO Trion Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo
Ultra-smooth operation with 7 stainless steel ball bearings; Stainless steel and oiled felt drag system delivers smooth, consistent drag pressure
Daiwa DSK30-B/F702M D-Shock Freshwater Spinning Combo, 3000, 7' 2Piece Rod, 6-14 lb Line Rate, 1/4-3/4 oz Lure Rate
Daiwa DSK30-B/F702M d-shock; Spinning Combo 3000 1BB reel w/7'0 inch; DSK30-B/F702M # DSK30-B/F702M
Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spinning/Spincast Fishing Reel & Rod Combo black, 6'/Medium
2 ball bearings; Lightweight graphite body and rotor; Aluminum spool; High density EVA; Lightweight composite blank
Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo in Hard Carry Case
Terminal tackle not included; Ultra compact hard case; Perfect size for tucking in your luggage

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Best Fishing Rods: Our Top Picks

Read on for our reviews of the best products on the market:

Abu Garcia 1430429 Revo SX Low Profile Baitcasting Reel, 7.3: 1 Gear Ratio, 30" Retrieve Rate, 24 lb Max Drag, 10 Bearings, Right Hand

The fit and finish of the Revo SX is quite unique. The side-plates align perfectly with the frame, and the reel has a smooth, consistent black matte finish with red highlights at the port holes, handle nuts, under the dragstar and at the spool.

It is mounted on a Phenix M1 MX72H-B casting rod and comes with twelve pound Super Natural Monofilament. It is also available in two different rations – 6:4:1 and 7:1:1. It comes in handy for those fishing buzz baits and spinner baits. It has great drag, and you can rest assured that its power is top notch too.

Penn Spinfisher V 8500 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo, Boat, 7 Feet, Heavy Power

Long before the Penn Spinfisher V Surf Combo went on sale in 2012, specifications were released and if the online discussions are anything to go by, it was one of the most anticipated products in the history of fishing equipment. It is available in two styles – regular and live liner.

The former comes in four size classes, each of which has two reels but different spool capacities. The spool has a rubber ring that prevents the braid from spilling. It comes with a sealed drag system and the handle has a mounted seal that keeps the water out. The maximum drag is 35lbs.

Penn BTLII2000661ML Battle II 2000 Spinning Reel Combo, Inshore, 6.5 Feet, Medium Light Power

This is an upgrade of the first Penn Battle and comes in a total of eight sizes, all of which fall in the 5:2:1 and 6:2:1 ratio categories. While it is mostly recommended for catching bass, it can also handle inshore species. The weight starts at 8 oz for the smallest model all the way up to 30 oz for the largest model.

This model comes with improved corrosion resistance thanks to an improved paint job. Other perks of the Penn Battle II over the previously released Penn Battle include 5 sealed ball bearings, increased drag pressure and line capacity rings that let you know how much string is left on the reel.

Pflueger P6635M2CBO Trion Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo

This is a great ultra-light combo. It is 5ft long and a one piece fishing pole that comes with a 5 ball bearing reel. The ball bearings are made from stainless steel that is highly resistant to corrosion. The spool is made of lightweight and durable aluminum.

Additionally, it has a one piece cork handle with no split. It offers good balance, the reel is smooth and the rod feels good. It features mid modulus graphite blank construction as well as stainless steel guides. It is truly the smart choice for anglers.

Daiwa DSK30-B/F702M D-Shock Freshwater Spinning Combo, 3000, 7' 2Piece Rod, 6-14 lb Line Rate, 1/4-3/4 oz Lure Rate

If you are an adventurous young beginner who is looking to get into fishing, the Daiwa D-Shock is what you need. It is a 2 piece fiberglass rod that is packed with plenty of impressive features including a rod length or 7 feet, reel with two ball bearings and digigear for ultra-smooth retrieve.

It comes with an ABS Machined Aluminum Spool and Twist Buster II Line for twist reduction. It has a graphite composite body, a maximum drag of 4 kilograms and gear ratio or 5:3:1. It has a reel weight of 325 grams.

Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spinning/Spincast Fishing Reel & Rod Combo

With excellent castability, smooth retrieve and eight bearing system, the Abu Garcia Orra SX is every angler’s dream package. It comes with quality components that include Duragear brass gear, Power Disk drag system, and an all aluminum frame.

The patented MagTax brake system allows for consistent brake pressure throughout your casts while the Micro Guide system provides improved sensitivity and balance. A 24 ton graphite rod that has comfortable high density EVA handles combined with the Micro Guide allow for precision balancing. Its Texas rigged hook keeper comes in handy for all bait applications. The Orra SX is available in two sizes i.e. 7’ medium heavy and 6’6” medium fishing rod.

Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo in Hard Carry Case

If you are in the market for a highly functional, ultralight spinning reel, the Daiwa Minispin Spinning Combo will do. It takes less than a minute to assemble this combo. It is sturdy and comes with a metal ring that ensures that the reel doesn’t get stuck.

It comes complete with a hard carrying case that features multiple compartments. The ball bearing drive is exceptionally smooth. It has a 4.5 feet five piece ultralight rod for 2-6lbs test lines. The Daiwa Minispin Spinning Combo is a great option if you are looking for great value for money when it comes purchasing a multi-feature ultralight spinning rod.

How To Buy A Fishing Pole

We are all familiar with the sentiment “you get what you pay for.” But we also know that that is not always the case. Like any other commodity, fishing poles aren’t always worth their price tag.

Choosing the right fishing rod can be a stressful experience for someone who wants the best for their money. With the limitless variety of poles available in the market, it’s easy to find what you are looking for if you know the factors that you should consider during your search.

  • Type Of Fishing Being Done: Knowing which type of rod you should purchase depends very much on the type of fishing you intend to do. Will it be commercial fishing where the aspect of catching fish is important, or will it be recreational fishing with loved ones where the idea to bond? The type of fish as well as whether you will be fishing in a lake, river or an ocean should be factored as some rods are better suited to specific fish species and locations.
  • Action Of The Fishing Rod: Action refers to the speed at which a fishing pole returns to neutral position. It is often influenced by other factors like length and materials used for the blank. The size of fish caught can also change the action of a fishing pole. Rods with full progressive curves and fast action allow for longer casts.
  • Power Of The Fishing Rod: The power of fishing rods can vary from ultra-light (suitable for catching baitfish) and ultra-heavy suitable for surf fishing and deep-sea fishing to everything in-between.


Fishing is an adventurous activity and whether you do it in the company of loved ones or alone, the experience can be rewarding. You, however, cannot afford to invest in the wrong tools if you want to have the ultimate experience. And while the search for a good fishing pole can be stressful, understanding what you are looking for can make the process easier. This guide does exactly that – it breaks down the information to give you a better understanding of fishing rods and how to buy them.

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