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Compared to shopping for a snorkel or mask, choosing snorkeling fins is quite easy. We check out the best snorkeling fins available for a speedy swim.

Compared to shopping for a snorkel or mask, choosing snorkeling fins is quite easy. Fins are an essential item that any water fanatic needs to improve speed and efficiency. If you don’t believe so, wait until you are in a strong current and then you will truly appreciate the importance of snorkel fins. They also help protect your feet from accidental contact with corals and rocks. When making your choice of the right snorkel fins, there are many things to consider and having this kind of information makes the search less stressful for you. From the different types of fins and best brands to the top products available in the market, every bit of information helps.

Overview of the top 10 snorkeling fins

For this list, we looked at consumer reviews on Amazon to establish their personal experiences. We also considered brands that are known industry leaders. Extensive research was done to compile a list of the best snorkeling fins whose reviews can be found below.


Product name





Open heel 

Small , Regular and Large


Open heel

XS, S, Regular, XL


Split fins

S, M, L, XL


Full foot

S, M, L, XL


Open heel



Open heel

S/M, M/L, L/XL


Full foot and Split fin



Open heel

S, M, L, XL


Open heel

Medium and Large


Full foot



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Top snorkel fin brands

The most reputable names behind the best snorkel fins include:

  1. Dive Rite: This company understands the value of quality diving equipment. In addition to having a history of manufacturing snorkeling gear for more than 25 years, the company team is made up of tech divers. This is part of the reason why Dive Rite is able to design and manufacture diving equipment that is quality and a favorite for many consumers.

  2. ScubaPro: This brand is known for reliable scuba equipment including computers, wetsuits, snorkels and more. Since the 1960’s, ScubaPro has designed innovative equipment that continue to wow consumers.

  3. Mares: They offer superior performance gear by utilizing advanced technology and quality materials. The company offers reliable diving equipment including wetsuits, masks, spearguns and dive gauges just to name a few.

Types of snorkel fins

Fins are classified into various categories including:

  1. Open heel vs. full foot fins: There are two types of snorkel fins depending on the foot pocket style. Open heel fins come with a strap to secure your foot and are designed to be worn with booties. They are the ideal choice if you need to walk on a rocky shore on the way to the diving site or for cold water diving. Full foot fins, on the other hand, are worn barefoot. They are usually shorter and lighter as compared to open heal fins. They are a great choice if you intend to travel to a tropical snorkeling destination.

  2. Paddle or split fins: Depending on the blade design, fins can be either paddle, split or a hybrid of the two. Paddle fins have the traditional single blade design that is stiff and requires more leg muscle to move. Split fins are designed to offer the same amount of propulsion as paddle fins, but with less effort. Many brands today are designing hybrid fins that combine the qualities of paddle and split blades for more efficiency. Hybrid fins are currently the most efficient and preferred option.

  1. Mares Avanti Quattro Open Heel Scuba Fins

    Mares Avanti Quattro Open Heel Scuba Fins

This fin features a design that expertly combines tough plastic with soft channels for extra oomph to every kick. It exceeds the established performance of traditional fins thanks to Composite Materials that provide optimum efficiency. It comes with bungee straps that are equipped with large grasp loops for easy wearing and removal. The fin is versatile and ideal for use in any conditions thanks to the proven Channel Thrust Technology. This technology also helps maximize channeling of water to provide more thrust power. It also has stabilizers that help eliminate ankle twisting phenomena as well as improve stability. It comes in three sizes in five different colors.

  1. Mares X-Stream Open Heel Dive Fins

This adjustable, open footed snorkel fin is lightweight comfortable. It comes with new blade construction for less turbulence as well as a new foot pocket. It is designed to offer greater thrust but with less effort by ensuring that the blade maintains an optimal angle. The X-Stream also allows for greater channeling as compared to most fins of its size. The riddled foot pockets prevent water from the space between the foot pocket and bootie, thus reducing the likelihood of a parachute type drag. It is has ABS plus buckles that allow for quick opening and closing while the quick button release prevents that buckles from opening accidentally.

  1. ScubaPro Twin Jet Fins

ScubaPro Twin Jet Fins

The ScubaPro Twin Jet Snorkel Fins are available in full foot and adjustable open heel fins as well as in yellow, gray, blue and black. All the colors are different. For instance, the Black Twin Jet Fins are more rigid, more buoyant and provide a more traditional fining experience. On the other hand, the Yellow, Gray and Blue Twin Jet fins are slightly positive buoyant and more flexible. They come with a vented blade that helps decrease resistance on the up and down stroke as well as reduce drag, thus saving you valuable energy when underwater. The large foot pockets can accommodate wetsuit or dry-suit boots. The adjustable quick release button makes it easy to wear and take off the fins.

  1. Dive Rite XT Open Heel Scuba Fins

    Dive Rite XT Open Heel Scuba Fins

This pair of scuba fins is increasingly becoming popular among divers for its great performance which comes at an affordable price. Available in DIN or Yoke, the Dive Rite XT features an advanced, patented design. It has sturdy straps as well as a reinforced steel spring that ensures rock solid construction. The stiffness of the blades fall within the soft to medium range and the blades work great for frog kicking. The foot pocket and back strap are comfortable.

  1. TUSA Solla Open Heel Fins

    TUSA Solla Open Heel Fins

With this pair of fins, TUSA went all out and used advanced materials as well as technologies to deliver a fin with exceptional performance and efficiency. It features a hydrodynamic design that improves the kick while reducing the effort required to do so. TUSA used ForceElast Technology which changes the shape of the fin to improve performance with each kick. The blade is also angled to 20 degrees to reduce muscle fatigue and provide optimum propulsion. The fins come with anatomically shaped straps that offer flexibility and strength.

  1. Cressi ARA EBS Open Heel Fins

    Cressi ARA EBS Open Heel Fins

The Cressi ARA EBS is an open feel pair of fins that come with an improved blade and widened foot pocket that can be used with booties. The blade is made of polypropylene, a lightweight durable material that offers more thrust with every kick. The fin also has a ribbed, non-vented blade design that channels water more effectively, thus improving the performance of the Cressi ARA EBS. The thermo rubber foot pockets are ergonomically designed and ensure a comfortable fit. The round bungee cord accommodates all foot sizes and is anti-corrosive. It is also has an extra large heel grab. This model has a blade design that reduces resistance while maximizing trust energy.

  1. Atomic Aquatic Full Foot Split Diving Fins

    Atomic Aquatic Full Foot Split Diving Fins

Less strength, more thrust and less drag are what the Atomic Aquatic Full Foot Split Diving Fins are known for. They feature a split fin design that unique. Composite polymer plastic materials are utilized to make the fins lightweight, reduce fatigue and increase thrust. It perfectly combines efficient propulsion with flexibility and rigidity. The Atomic Aquatic also comes with power rails that perform as the backbone, releasing energy with every kick. The blades have a large surface area that improves turning, pivoting as well as alternate kick styles. They are the perfect fins for not only snorkeling and diving, but also recreation and travel.

  1. ScubaPro Seawing Nova Open Heel Scuba Fins

     ScubaPro Seawing Nova Open Heel Scuba Fins

If you in the market for cutting edge technology that makes snorkeling more fun and adventurous, the ScubaPro Seawing Nova Open Heel Scuba Fins are a great choice. This fin combines the best of ScubaPro – hydrodynamic design, cutting edge materials, technology and innovations – to make for a pair of fins that is incomparable to any conventional scuba fins. It offers optimum power and thrust while providing the efficiency and comfort of a split end fin. The blade is connected by two flexible hinges that allow the fin to flex more as compared to traditional fins. Up carved edges on the blade improve stability and reduce drag on the down and up strokes. The bungee straps are of heavy duty marine grade to make donning and doffing easy. They are lightweight and available in white and black.

  1. SEAC Propulsion Wave Open Heel Dive Fins

    SEAC Propulsion Wave Open Heel Dive Fins

This fin has a blade that’s a mix of soft rubber-like inserts and hard plastic that offers an effective scoop with a downward kick. The foot pocket is made from technopolymer, which is known for its durability and softness. The SEAC Propulsion Wave has an underside whose full length is incorporated with an effective grippy area. The buckles feature a pinch release that allows enough slack for you to put on and off the fins easily. Out at sea, the SEAC Propulsion Wave Fins are nothing but efficient and comfortable.

  1. Aqualung Stratos 3 Full Foot Scuba Fins

    Aqualung Stratos 3 Full Foot Scuba  Fins

Affordability, durability and lightweight are some of the qualities that make the Aqualung Stratos 3 so appealing to intensive divers. It is the best all round snorkeling fin that you can find. It comes with an ergonomic foot pocket with reinforced soft material for comfort. The torsion energy point is a three material side rib that improves flexing of the blade. It features special finishing on the inside of the foot pocket that improves stability. The side wings also improve stability as well as swim performance while the rubber side ribs are made of customized AquaLung compounds that are snit-scratch, resilient, robust and elastic.

How to buy snorkel fins

Snorkel fins are more or less like your underwater shoes that help you get around. This is why choosing fins that are a good fit and comfortable is important. The right pair of fins will ensure that you will never suffer from blisters or cramps while snorkeling. It will also ensure that your experience is as adventurous as you want. In order to make the right decision, here are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for a pair of snorkel fins.

  1. Pack size: This probably won’t matter if you plan on diving in local locations. However, if you plan on traveling to other snorkeling destinations, pack size is something you should keep in mind. Some brands manufacture models that are specifically designed for travelling while others don’t.

  2. Comfort is important: As previously stated, fins are underwater shoes and as such, you need a pair will be comfortable to wear. Snorkel fins come in various shapes and sizes. To determine the comfort of fins, consider if they are too narrow, too loose and whether they have an ergonomically designed right and left.

  3. Booties: If you are looking for open heel fins, you will need a pair of booties to go with them. Some models come with their own booties. Nevertheless, if you already have your own booties, be sure to bring them along.

  4. Fin vents: These are found on full foot fins and are meant reduce resistance of water when moving. By so doing, they help improve the efficiency of fins.

  5. Adjustable straps: If you plan on buying open heel fins, go for ones that have adjustable straps for a comfortable fin.

  6. Snorkeling environment: Is the area where you will be diving rock? Or will you be snorkeling in cold waters? Closed fins are more suitable if you will diving in easy to access areas and warmer waters.


One of the most important decisions that you will be faced as a snorkeler or diver is choosing the best snorkeling fins. What you choose has to be comfortable, of a good fit and be able to offer the ultimate diving experience. With this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about shopping for snorkel fins so that you can make a good choice.

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