Best Ice Fishing Lures: Here’s A Breakdown Of Our Favorite Top Ten

Best ice fishing lures
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Nothing is more exciting in the winter than getting your gear loaded up and going ice fishing. The cold air and anticipation of a potential catch is a great feeling and spending a day on the ice during the winter is what ice fishing is all about. An avid fisherman will tell you that having the right ice fishing lures will improve your chances of a successful catch.

Of course, choosing one is a delicate process because it requires understanding what lure will work best because we all know those big yellow belly perch can be finicky at the best of times! Everybody might have a different opinion or use different lures but in this post, we tackle all of the questions you have about purchasing an ice fishing lure and review the best models on the market.

Best Ice Fishing Lures: Our Top Picks

We made a list of the ten best products for the purpose. Read our reviews to help you make an educated decision about the type of lure you need:

Jackall TN60 Disc Knocker/Flash Gill JTN60DK-FG Lipless Crankbait Tungsten Lip

Jackall TN60 Disc Knocker/Flash Gill JTN60DK-FG Lipless Crankbait Tungsten Lip

Established in 1999, Jackall is credited with producing a whole series of tackle accessories that defined a generation of anglers. Their lures offer the same kind of quality and performance you’d expect from the Japanese. The Jackal TN series is a crowd favorite that provides supremely loud rattle, engineered underwater vibration and ability to comb through multiple depths. The packaging is pretty standard and has a bright yellow sticker with important lure specifications.

One of the first things you notice about the Jackall TN Disc Knocker is its impeccable finishing. It has honeycomb imprints that resemble fish scales and from a top view, you see asymmetrically cut slim body that gradually flattens towards the face of the lure. The result is a stable swimming posture, even at the lowest retrieval speeds. The internal structure of this lure is made up of disc-shaped weights that emit an acoustic knocking sound. Even the most pressured fish will bite without hesitation.

Another top feature of the Disc Knocker is the unique lip shape. It is made from metal tungsten chiseled in the shape of a fish lip. It is designed to be weighted down on the exterior of the lure at the mouth and cavity area.

  • Sits in a natural head down position at the bottom of the water
  • Discs in internal chamber produce amplified tonal presence
  • Weighted lip reduces the risk of getting lure snagged by underwater objects
  • Can’t catch anything above 2lbs

Sougayilang Ice Fishing Jigs With Treble Hook – Pack of 12

Sougayilang Ice Fishing Jigs with Treble Hook Jig Heads Fishing Lures for Walleye Winter ice Jigging- Pack of 12

Sougayilang is a popular tackle brand that offers everything an angler needs for a successful trip they specialize in producing some of the best fishing reels, rods, lures, hooks, bags and boxes, nets, lines and more. Their ice fishing jigs come in a pack of 12, all with different colors to suit different environments.

One of the things we love about these jigs is that they are well built and designed for optimized performance. We like that they are the right size for panfish, and their colors produce a holographic effect that gets the fish biting. The jig heads are super sharp and made from durable materials to withstand effects of saltwater exposure. There is a diamond on the head that reflects light.

The barbed hook point is chemically sharpened to ensure better penetration, thus improving hook-up ratios. An optimized hook gap is incorporated for solid hook sets. You can tip with live or micro plastic baits and you are good to go.

  • Pack of twelve jigs for maximum value
  • Features optimized hook gap
  • Chemically sharpened barbed hook provides better penetration
  • Perfect choice for panfish, crappies, perch, bass, bluegills etc.
  • Some customers received half finished jigs

thkfish Ice Fishing Lure Assorted Ice Fishing Jigs

THKFISH Ice Fishing Lures Ice Fishing Jigs Ice Fishing Gear Hard Fishing Lures Ice Fishing Kit Crappie Panfish Jigs 26pcs

Thkfish is a Chinese based tackle supplier that specializes in lures and baits. Sold as a 26-piece kit, their Ice Fishing Lures come in assorted shapes and sizes. There are 6 kinds of lures to suit different environments and fish types. The lures have a drop-water shape and lead material to improve response. Their hooks are made from high-quality carbon steel, which can withstand years of abuse. Because they are super sharp, the hooks do a good job of penetrating fish effectively.

The lures have a realistic body design with vivid patterns and color that reflects light from any angle. They come in a wide variety of sizes and are backed by a 30-day guarantee. Customer service is pretty incredible too.

  • Perfect lures for walleyes
  • 26 pieces of lures in different sizes and shapes
  • Natural looking body with a vivid pattern
  • Impeccable customer service and email support
  • Some of the lures came with broken fins

Goture Ice Fishing Jigs With Treble Hook For Walleye

Goture Ice Fishing Jigs with Treble Hook Single Hook for Walleye Winter Fishing Lures ice Jigging

The Goture Ice Fishing Jigs offer unprecedented value for your money. They are well designed and built, especially when compared to more expensive models. A high level of detail went into making these jigs. For instance, the body and fins are built to resemble real minnows. As such, you can forget about using live bait and not worry about lower success rates when fishing with these jigs. The eyes look like those of a real fish. All of these design aspects come together well and do a good job of attracting crappies, walleyes, and perch.

The head and tail have hooks, which make it difficult for fish to escape. These jigs also have a balanced structure that creates an authentic swimming action to entice fish. Performance is improved by fish scale pattern. As for the downsides, there are only a few things to be concerned about. All of the lures are hard bodied and as such, don’t offer as much flexibility as soft-bodied variations. In addition, their larger size can prove difficult to work with at times.

  • Good design with attention to detail
  • Hooks on head and tail prevent escape
  • Nice colors that reflect light
  • Durable build
  • Cons

Ice Fishing Jigs Lead Winter Metal Lures

Ice Fishing Jigs Lead Jig Heads Fishing Lure Jigs Winter Metal Lures (0.71inch/0.08oz-12pcs)

The Ice Fishing Jigs from LikeFish come in an 12-pieces pack and offer good value for money. They are 0.71 inches long with different colors. Their drop water shape allows for fast sinking rates, hence an excellent option for targeting fish near the bottom. Using lead material offers better durability and resistance to the elements.

Another notable feature of the Ice Fishing Jigs is the sharp and durable heads. The tails have sharp hooks specially designed for frozen conditions. All things considered, this is a great option for hooking pike, bluegills, panfish, bluegills, walleyes, and crappies.

  • Sharp and durable jig heads
  • 12 pieces per kit in different colors
  • Drop water shape allows faster sinking rate
  • Treble hooks made from a lead material
  • Design doesn’t look as natural as other lures

Ice Fishing Jigs with Treble Hooks

Ice Fishing Jigs Treble Hooks Lead Jig Hooks Winter Metal Lures (2.09inch/0.25oz-4pcs)

Available as a 4-piece pack, the Ice Fishing Jigs with Treble Hooks offer everything you’d need for a successful trip. They are metal lures that feature two silver spins to attract the attention of fish. The shiny treble hooks are made from high carbon and do a good job of securing the fish.

The lures come in four colors and have vivid patterns that give them a more realistic look. Their glittery surface helps reflect light while the metal fins with fish-scale patterns allow for natural movement in the water.

  • Vivid patterns and glittery surface offer an authentic look
  • Natural swimming action in the water
  • Two silver spins hook fish securely
  • Available in four different colors
  • A little stiff compared to soft-body variations

Rapala Jigging Rap Fishing Lure

Rapala Jigging Rap 05 Fishing Lure (Perch)

The Rapala Jigging Rap by Normak Balanced Jigging Lures is a top choice for many anglers. It comes in handy for both summer and winter fishing. Designed as a vertical jig, this lure mimics the action of a dying shad when in water. It comes in five sizes, all weighing between 1/8 ounces to 7/8 ounces to fit all kinds of fishing occasions. It has a single hook on the nose and another one on the rear. Combined with the center treble hook, this guarantees a solid jig hook. There is a planning fin planning fin in the tail section. It causes the jig to spiral back down in a circle, creating an erratic motion that entices fish.

  • Hooks work really well
  • Balanced, zinc weighted minnow profile
  • Bait can be bottom bounced with unbeatable results
  • Wide variety sizes complemented with natural, glow colors
  • Some customers received a different color and size

Bluenet Fishing Lure Set

Bluenet 279pcs Fishing Lure Set Including Plastic Soft Lures Frog Lures Soft Fishing Lure Hard Metal Lure VIB Rattle Crank Popper Minnow Pencil Metal Jig Hook for Trout Bass Salmon

As the name suggests, this is a 279-piece set of lure set designed for all kinds of fishing conditions. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, the lures have random colors that glow. They are a perfect gift for an all-around angler who loves ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, lake, river, stream, pond and reservation fishing. The set includes plastic soft lures, hard metal lures, frog lures, soft fishing lures, and jig hooks for trout, bass, and salmon. Their minnow profile allows for natural swimming action in the water. The lures come in a free neoprene bag and fishing tackle box for convenient storage and portability.

  • Random colors to entice fish
  • Up to 279 pieces of assorted lures for all fishing conditions
  • Perfect for freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Ideal for targeting trout, bass, and salmon
  • Includes plastic, metal, soft and hard lures as well as hooks
  • Some of the lures are too small

Rapala Jigging Rap 07 Fishing lure Glow Hot Perch

Rapala Jigging Rap 07 Fishing lure, 2.75-Inch, Glow Hot Perch

Even though it was designed for ice fishing, Rapala’s 07 Jigging Rap also comes handy for catching giant bass in sunny weather. It gets the fish fired up even on the coldest days. The lure swims in circles in the middle of a water column, thanks to its weighted minnow profile. The hook configuration allows you to bounce the bait along the bottom without worrying about snagging. This is an added advantage over a jerk bait or jig full of trebles. There is a single treble in the middle of the lure that ensures fish are locked in securely once they’ve been baited to bite. The Rapala 07 Jigging Rap comes in various sizes and colors, including glow patterns.

  • Perfect lure for vertical jigging
  • Weighted minnow profile for natural movements
  • Swimming action tail fin
  • Single reversed hooks and center treble with eyelet
  • None

Krazywolf 25-45Piece Glow Ice Fishing Jig Kit

Krazywolf 25-45Piece Glow in Dark Ice Fishing Jig Kit

This is another ice fishing kit designed for all situations. What we love most about it is that in situations where the conditions change from one hour to the next, you will always be prepared. All of the jigs glow but have varying colors and shapes. The variation in size makes this kit a great contender for targeting different types of fish. Some have a strong glow and are ideal for fishing in low-light conditions while other jigs have more natural hues for fishing closer to the surface. These are particularly good jigs for crappies and perch. Unfortunately, they are all hard lures. A few plastic lures would create more natural movements.

  • Natural hues and long-lasting glow
  • Can catch a wide variety of fish
  • Good for fishing in the dark and near the surface
  • They could benefit from more flexibility

Types of Ice Fishing Lures

There are at least a dozen different types of lures to choose from. Here are the best options for ice fishing:

  • Swimming Lures: Otherwise known as horizontal jigs, these lures sink fast and take up a horizontal position in the water. They are designed for fishing at greater depths and allow you to try the pounding technique.
  • Vertical Jigs: As the name suggests, these lures are positioned vertically in the water. The hook eye is usually at the top. Vertical jigs work best with the lift-fall system and live bait. You can also use rattle versions to attract fish.
  • Airplane Jigs: They have fins at the end that resemble airplanes wings, hence the name. They spin in half a circle when you tug the line, which can be quite enticing to fish.
  • Spoons: These come in different sizes and shapes, and are either flat or slightly concave. They give off a vibration that imitates fleeing or dying baitfish when dropped in a water column.
  • Live Larva Ice Warms: These work like a charm when targeting smaller fish like bluegill or sun perch. Common options include mousies, butter worms, wax worms, night crawlers, spikes and live minnows.

Ice Fishing Lure Colors: How to Choose

Another important factor to consider when shopping for ice fishing lures is color. Keep the following in mind when deciding on a color for your lures.

  • Water Clarity: Primary colors work best when fishing in clear waters. Try to go with jigs that only one color in shades of white, black, gray, olive, brown and beige. You can opt for contrasting colors, but bright or luminescent colors will get you more effective results in murky water. Metallic flush can also prove useful if there is a cloud cover or before sunrise.
  • Time Of The Year: Snowpack is not something to be concerned about if you will be fishing early or late in the season. In such cases, lures with primary colors that are not bright will suffice. Fishing in gloomy weather or dense snow pack calls for lures with bright colors. These make it easy for fish to see and improve your chances of a successful catch.
  • Level Of Aggressiveness With Fish: Fish have varying levels of aggressiveness. They tend to be lazy and lethargic in the middle of winter. Attracting them requires the use of brightly colored lures. If they are biting and generally aggressive, lures with flashy colors will engage them even more.
  • Water Depth: It is important to think about how lure colors change at different depths, especially if targeting fish that lurk way below the surface. This is due to the wavelength of color and light. Yellow, orange and red lures may appear grey a few feet in the water. On the other hand, blue-green hues hold up better in water. Go for luminescent colors because they maintain their originality best.

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