Best Ice Fishing Boots: My Top 10 Picks Regards To Quality, Performance, And Value

Best Ice Fishing Boots
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The love of Ice fishing and the challenge of the hobby is shared by many anglers across the world where temperatures can reach sub-zero temperatures. Ice fishing requires the right gear that will provide protection in the harshest cold as many hours are spent in the cold temperatures waiting for the catch.With Ice fishing, there are some hazards to consider. In very cold weather, frostbite is a possibility, to ensure an enjoyable experience you will need to plan ahead. The same applies to the gear you choose to use when going Ice fishing.Ice fishing needs items of clothing unique to the sport to protect you against the elements, and keep you warm and insulated from the cold. One of these must-have items is a good pair of ice fishing boots that are guaranteed to protect your feet and keep them warm. This post reviews the best ice fishing boots and explores the key features.

Our Top Picks: Ice-Fishing Boots

Check out our reviews of the best picks on the market today:

Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot, Black/Expedition Gold

Baffin Men's Wolf Snow Boot,Black/Pewter,8 M US

The Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot is part of the Baffin Reaction Series that has been manufactured to be lighter and more suitable for everyday winter wear. This boot can withstand temperatures as cold as -40F. The tightening collar is ideal especially when the snow is deep, it keeps the snow and moisture out. The boot is tightened with buckle straps that will prevent the boot from holding snow and ice. The large rubber pulls can easily be tightened and a seven-layer removable insulated inner boot system allows for the inner liner to be pulled out for drying. Baffin has been in the business of manufacturing insulated and non-insulated footwear products for 25-years. Due to their leading molding technology and a foam-based inner boot system that creates a hybrid style of high-performance footwear, Baffin creates ice fishing boots with more warmth, better fit, protection, and superior comfort.

  • Well insulated and waterproof – completely impervious to external conditions. Feet stay warm and dry even with deep snow, slush and puddles.
  • The Boot is lightweight – can easily be put on and taken off.
  • The lining should be secured and only removed when specifically desired and should not come out when taking off the boot.

Baffin Men’s Snow Monster Insulated All-weather Boot

Baffin Men's Snow Monster-M, Black, 13 D US

The Baffin Snow Monster Insulated All-Weather Boot is part of the new epic series. As you would expect from Baffin boots they are made up of several advanced thermo-set polymers that are combined to achieve warmth, protection, low weight, and grip. This boot in the epic series is expedition worthy boots for cold weather conditions reaching to -94F. These boots are the best boots for ice, outfitted with ice-paw pads that improve grip on ice. To add further comfort and warmth it has a removable, multi-layer inner boot system featuring a waffle-comb foot-bed and contoured insulated leather. The knee-high boot features bungee-chord speed lacing system and adjustable circumference. Based on the reviews the Snow Monster boots provide the traction, comfort, and warmth needed for numerous outdoor activities from ice fishing, shoveling snow, playing in the snow to working outdoors.

  • The boots are durable and withstands extreme cold and keeps feet very warm for long periods of time outdoors, exposed to the elements.
  • The most comfortable winter boots, completely exceeded expectations.
  • The boots are light-weight and not as bulky as most snow boots. Driving with these boots isn’t a problem.
  • Poorly manufactured – waterproofing not adequate, water manages to get into the boot.

Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot

Kamik Men's Canuck Cold Weather Boot,Black,11 M US

Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot will certainly weather the cold and snow even at -40°F. This knee-high winter boot is 14 inches from the arch and offers a waterproof seam-sealed boot which allows for good leg coverage especially when going out in the snow and water. The materials and seams have been treated to block moisture and keep your feet dry. The adjustable draw collar with bungee lace lock has two adjustments, one at the bottom to hold your foot in place and the top adjustment keeps warmth inside. The Zylex® removable liner keeps your feet warm, dry and comfortable. The three-layer system wicks moisture away, traps body heat in and keeps the cold air out. Due to Canuck customizing the RubberHe it is light and strong and offers superior traction and flexibility. Kamik has been family owned and operated since 1898 in Canada with over a 100 years of history and expertise. It has been Kamik’s long-standing commitment to keeping feet warm, dry, comfortable and happy.

  • Warm, easy to put on, good for daily city commuters and comfortable.
  • Good value for money
  • The boots do run very wide and large. It would be advisable to get an additional insert for the soles or downsize one shoe size / Too big for doing errands and driving the car.

Lacrosse Men’s Outpost II 11 inch Pac Boot

Lacrosse Men's Outpost II 11" Brown-M, 12 M US

Lacrosse Men’s Outpost II 11 inch Pac Boot can be worn in all weather conditions and the outsole will keep your feet steady and secure through snow, ice, rain or slush. The weather-resistant upper is full-grain leather, suede and durable nylon that provides water and snow resistance.The natural rubber is resistant to tears and abrasions, waterproof and won’t crack from extreme heat or harden in extreme cold. The insulating foam liner is completely removable which allows you to customize the amount of insulation needed. Lacrosse Footwear has been manufacturing the best rubber boots for over a century. The Lacrosse brand has stood for toughness, durability, and comfort since 1897 and that hasn’t changed.

  • Very well made and durable.
  • Fits to size – order one size larger to wear thick socks.
  • The Lacrosse boot is a long term investment as some reviewers have had theirs for two decades.
  • After attempting to put the boot on for the first time and tying the shoe laces the hook button broke off.

Muck Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Men’s Winter Boots

Muck Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Men's Winter Boots

The Original Muckboots Adult Arctic Sports Boot is an easy pull-on boot with the shaft measuring 14.5 inches from the arch with stretch-fit top-line it has a snug fit to keep warmth in and cold out. The exterior of the boot is 5 mm neoprene providing comfort and flexibility. These winter boots have a rugged outsole that gives you great traction in a variety of outdoor terrains from ice, hiking, mud, marsh, and snow. The boot is durable and 100% waterproof with the fleece lining and faux fur trim for warmth and comfort at temperatures to -20°F. The MuckBoots is the ideal boot for colder areas in the USA with heavier snow and colder temperatures, where the temperatures are not a deterrent for outdoor hobbies such as ice fishing, hunting and hiking to name a few.

  • The height of the boot ensures that the ankles and most of the calf is covered.
  • These Muckboots can we worn comfortably all day without sweating.
  • The boots run a bit bigger in size and narrow at the calf.

SOREL Men’s Conquest Snow Boot

Sorel Men's Conquest Snow Boot, Bark, 13 M US

Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot provides support, comfort, warmth and has a rugged looking design. The style, design workmanship and quality makes these boots a solid contender for the best boot for ice. The traction with these boots is excellent due to the injection molded waterproof thermal rubber shell with a multi-directional lug outsole. This boot from Sorel is ideal for those who tend to find themselves in extreme conditions. The Sorel boot has a built-in gaiter/bootie with drawstring and barrel lock now collar to keep the snow and cold out. The adjustable ankle support buckle provides additional support for tough, rocky mountainous terrain.

  • Sorel Boot provides comfort,and support.
  • Double stitching, fully molded rubber lower sole, and aggressive tread provides good grip.
  • The leather separates from the sole.

SOREL Men’s Alpha Pac Extreme Snow Boot

Sorel Men's Alpha Pac Extreme Snow Boot

If you need a durable, warm winter boot then Sorel Men’s Alpha Pac Extreme Snow Boot will be a perfect addition to your winter gear. These boots are made for serious snow situations. Starting with the shaft measuring approximately 14 inches from the arch that keeps your calves covered and insulated, in addition, you are able to tighten the boot with the bungee lacing system and the shatter-resistant YKK Shokonloc buckle closure. These boots are part of the XT collection of footwear and are ideal for those participating in active winter sports and heavy snow where maximum protection is required. The Sorel boot has added a new Omni-Heat™ reflective lining to the inner boot liner, that helps retain body heat and increases protection against extreme conditions. These boots will withstand cold-rated down to -60°F

  • The Sorel boot is great value for money and continues to be preferred after many years of use.
  • Great boot, perfect fit, exceeds expectations, warm in very cold temperatures.
  • Not waterproof – The boots leak when standing in water for a long period of time.

SOREL Women’s Snowlion XT Snow Boot

Sorel Women's Snowlion XT Snow Boot

Sorel Women’s Snowlion XT Snow Boot is the boot to own for a day out in -40°F participating in winter activities, like fishing, walking the dog or simply going to work. Don’t let the cold weather, snow and sub-zero temperatures keep you indoors when a pair of Sorel boots can give you the warmth, comfort, and insulation needed to take on the cold winter months. The shaft measures approximately 14 inches from the arch that falls just below the knee and uses a drawstring to tighten the boot opening. The upper is manufactured with durable water and wind resistant PU backed synthetic textile. Sorel combines felt, wool, premium leather for the construction of their boots. If you enjoy winter activities with your family the Sorel Women’s snow boot is comfortable, durable, waterproof and light-weight.Sorel was originally founded in 1962 in Canada and has been worn for decades by a continuous following of customers who still return to buy their boots.

  • Great quality, long lasting, comfortable and warm.
  • I deal for ladies with larger calves.
  • There isn’t any traction when walking on a icy surface.

SOREL Childrens Flurry-K Snow Boot

Sorel Childrens Flurry-K Snow Boot

Sorel is has been a household brand for winter footwear since 1962. Many families have had Sorel winter boots in the family for decades, from granddad to dad and now the kids. Just as Sorel has manufactured the best winter boots for adults, so have they done for children. One of the winter boot options is Sorel Children’s Flurry-K Snow Boot, ensuring great functionality, protection, warmth and funky colors. The children’s boot will have the same warmth and protection in any weather conditions due to a built-in leg covering, adjustable ​Velcro instep strap and removable 6mm washable recycled felt inner boot. The outsole has an injection molded waterproof thermal rubber shell for enhanced traction for winter play. The Sorel children’s boot can be worn outside in temperatures of -25°F. When buying boots, buy one size bigger to ensure a better fit and winter socks.

  • Easily put on and taken off.
  • The children can spend hours outside and their feet never get cold or wet.
  • Good quality.
  • Various colours to choose from.
  • Rubber sole for traction.
  • The boots run small for a child.

SOREL Snow Commander Snow Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Sorel Snow Commander Snow Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid)

The Sorel Snow Commander Snow Boot come in sizes for Toddlers (1-4 years), Little Kid (4-8 years) and Big Kid (8-12 years). Winter can be a delightful time for children of all ages especially when families spend time together, camping, ice fishing or building snowmen. This snow commander youth boot is an ideal all-around boot for any winter weather.Sorel has ensured that these boots are worthy of their adult counterpart featuring a waterproof rubber shell, 200 grams of insulation, a pull closure at the top of the shaft, a removable inner-boot not only provides warmth, it’s also removable for machine washing. Kids need to be steady on their feet when playing outdoors especially when walking on ice and snow, to guarantee that each step is sturdy, the boots have a multi-direction lug outsole that provides traction. The snow boot is extremely comfortable and warm and ideal for all outdoor sports and activities the children want to take part in. No parent need to worry that there children’s feet will be cold or wet.

  • 83% of customers said the boots fit as expected.
  • very easy to get on and off, stay on snug, and keep his feet completely dry and warm.
  • These boots come highly recommended.
  • Very heavy and clunky. Hard for a toddler to walk in.


When deciding to buy a pair of ice fishing boots the following should be considered:

  • Waterproof: Invest in waterproof ice boots to ensure you stay dry during your ice fishing excursion. Cold and wet feet will spoil your trip.
  • Insulation: Choose the boots with enough insulation that will keep your feet warm and comfortable.
  • Traction: Ensure the ice fishing boots you buy are designed with treads at the bottom to enable a proper grip as you walk on the snow and ice.
  • Design: The design is a personal choice, however choose a boot the works well for what it’s intended for.
  • Size: It’s important to check how the sizes run when making your decision to buy a pair. It’s advisable to get a half or full size bigger to wear thick socks.
  • Durability: You want to invest in a pair of durable boots that will last more than a season. Do your research to ensure you are getting the ice fishing boots that can withstand the conditions you will be exposing them to.
  • Liners: Most boot liners can be removed and left to dry.
  • Lightweight: In the environment you will be in consider boots made of lightweight materials that allows for flexibility.
  • Fasteners: Boots with heavy-duty buckles or zippers are a good choice especially when putting them on wearing thick gloves.

The above boots are the top choices for any ice fishing enthusiast who wants the best ice fishing boots. Having the best ice fishing boots will ensure that your ice fishing trip and any other winter activities are enjoyable.

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