The Best Hunting Boots: For Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

Best Boots for Hunting
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Whether it’s your first time taking your grandson to your favorite hunting spot or it’s your first time going with your grandpa; All hunters, novices or pro, agree that one of the most important hunting gear one needs is a pair of hunting boots.

Wearing  boots that does not fit your foot perfectly when going hunting can be the beginning of a story that ends in a trip to the hospital or even frostbite toes. The only problem is that shopping for the right hunting boots can be daunting task.

There is such an influx of information regarding what to look for as well as specifications to compare that by the time you have researched a few pairs. You just want to give up. Others skip the whole research stage of shopping and go straight to the store only to realize when it’s too late that they bought the wrong boots. Always make sure to get a pair of boots that fit your foot perfectly.

Thankfully, I have compiled all the information you need here to make the search an easier one for you.

Types Of Hunting Boots

The best hunting boots can be classified into several categories depending on the function, conditions, and material they are made from. The most common ones include:

Upland boots

Otherwise known as hiking boots, these are specially made for light use. They are designed to offer consistent support and comfort for long miles of hiking.

Overboots:designed to offer additional warmth in cold weather, especially in winter.

High Country Boots

Unlike the upland boots, high country boots are designed to handle heavy activity and for difficult terrains that are higher, rougher and steeper. They are the best option for big game hunters who hunt at high altitude areas.

Rubber Boots

A good pair of waterproof boots is always a great idea where hunting involves wading through marshy or swampy areas. Rubber boots are designed to keep you comfortable and warm on such hunting expeditions.They are also designed to protect you against snake bites.

Overview Of The 10 Best Hunting Boots

Regardless of your hunting location or weather conditions, this list covers hunting boots that will prove handy for various purposes including staying warm when hunting in the winter, protection from snake bites and more.

Best Boots For Hunting: Our Top Picks

Bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot

Bogs Men's Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot, Mossy Oak, 15 D(M) US

If you are going to spend most of hunting time in waterways, you will need a pair of the best waterproof hunting boots that you can get. Bogs Men’s Classic Hunting Boot offers plenty of protection from water, but it isn’t the warmest boot.

The fact it is not insulated is a big plus, especially for those who live in warmer areas. It is made from rubber and you can opt for Mossy Oak, Realtree or Mossy Oak New Breakup camouflage. It has a knee-high design that helps keep you dry, even when deep in water. It has 16” boot opening as well as 1” heel with an excellent tread pattern.The four-way stretch inner boot ensures that your feet are secure. The main disadvantage with this hunting boot is that it is not designed for tree stand or upland use.

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Non-Insulated Hiking Boot

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme NI Boots, Brown, 8.5

If you plan on hunting on rocky slopes, the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Hunting Boot is your best bet as it offers excellent stability and support. Compared to hunting in other places, mountain hunting requires you to carry heavy loads over rough terrain where it’s vital to have hunting boots with a firm grip on the ground.

These hunting boots provide a grip firm enough stand up to the challenge. And while they are too heavy to be used on a daily basis, they are designed to offer heavy duty endurance and are, therefore, perfect for dangerous climbs.

They are made of leather and have a reinforced rubber sole as well as rubber upper for additional protection against abrasion. They also have 7mm midsoles made from nylon and reinforced by steel shanks.They are waterproof thanks to the 2mm full grain leather uppers, while the wind-tex flexible membrane helps increase comfort. The minimal front stitching keeps the hunting boots strong even after rough abrasions and heavy climbing. They are, however, pricey.

Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot

Irish Setter Men's 2873 Vaprtrek 8" Hunting Boot,Realtree Xtra Camouflage,12 D US

A pair of these lace-up Irish Setter Vaprtreks is a must if you plan on a little hiking on your hunting trips. Their sole is made of durable yet lightweight RPM composite material for added comfort. The sole also wraps around the instep, thus protecting you from sharp objects.

These boots offer the perfect combination of lightness and comfort of running shoes while ensuring moisture protection and durability that a hunting boot should provide. It has a memory foam collar as well as a full-grain waterproof leather upper to provide cushioning around the feet for added comfort.  They are the perfect solution if you plan on walking in wooded, hilly or grassy areas all day.

Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot,Sepia/Black,10 M US

In addition to hunting, the Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX hunting boot can also be used for hiking and trekking. It comes with all the features that a good hunting boot would have for a great hunting experience such as seamless waterproof GoreTex lining, padded tongue and collar as well as speed lacing technology.

The waterproof lining helps keep you dry while the PU midsole increases underfoot support, which is helpful when you are carrying heavy loads. They also have good insulation to keep you warm during cold weather. The no-slippage lacing system ensures that your boot stays on all the time.

And while it’s pricey and not ideal for hot weather, this hunting boot is a great option if you are looking for value for money, with both incredible foot support and durability.

LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot

LaCrosse Men's Alphaburly Pro 18" Hunting Boot,Green,7 M US

The LaCrosse Alphaburly is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a good, knee high hunting boot that will keep them warm. The knee high design of this boot also helps keep the water out in case you find yourself crossing a stream.Be sure to get a boot that fit your foot perfectly.

It comes with an adjustable gusset as well as a cushioned EVA midsole for a customized fit and comfort.

The rubber is specially designed to be scent free so that you aren’t detected by game. The traction on these boots is suitable for mud as well as snow early during the hunting season. They aren’t the best for steep rocky areas.

Danner Pronghorn 6IN Boot – Men’s Mossy Oak Break

Danner 41340 Men's Pronghorn 8" GTX Hunting Shoe, Brown - 10 D US

If you are in the market for lightweight, comfortable hunting boot that offer breathability, excellent support as well as dependable traction; You will love the Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boot not only for the above reasons, but also for itsall-round versatility.They feature a full-grain CamoHide construction that allows you to use these hunting boots for more than just hunting.The Nylon shank helps keep your feet cool while the three-density Ortholite footbed ensures comfort for hours on end.The Pronghorn outer sole provides excellent traction and Gore-Tex membrane provides waterproof capabilities while maximizing breathability. They have a wide toe to allow for swelling after trekking for hours. The sole is sewn tightly into the leather for a perfect, strong seal. These hunting boots are also easy to pull on your feet, thanks to the loop in the back.

Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram 12″ Big Game Hunting Boot

Irish Setter Men's 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram 12" Big Game Hunting Boot,Brown,10.5 EE US

The Irish Setter Men’s Elk Tracker WP Insulated hunting Boot is by far the most durable and best elk hunting boot on this list. They are designed with a strong synthetic sole along with a tough leather upper that allows dependable use regardless of the conditions you encounter when hunting. Or when you encounter snakes.

They are made from sturdy leather, making it ideal for use in any type of weather or terrains. The boots come with a GoreTex lining which provides waterproof capabilities. The solid leather upper construction. As well as the lace-up design, gives hunters the confidence that their toes won’t slide around the boot when walking up and down slopes.

The boots also come with a Bull’s Eye Air Bob sole which helps with excellent traction in challenging conditions.

LaCrosse Men’s Adder 18” Snake Boot

LaCrosse Men's Adder 18" Snake Boot,Brown/Mossy Oak Infinity,9 W US

The risk of getting bitten by a vicious snake while hunting is imminent and this is why every hunter needs a pair of  hunting boots that will protect them from fanged predators. There is no better  hunting boot than the LaCrosse Men’s Adder Scent 18” HD Snake Boot for hunting in areas where fanged creatures frequent.

These boots are specially designed to protect you from snake bites as well as for all-round functionality, thanks to the Mossy Oak Camo pattern. Their height helps keep you dry and warm, while the handles make it easy to pull them on. They have an adjustable top strap that keeps them snug and feature an advanced scent technology that helps keep them fresh for hours.

The main disadvantages include that these hunting boots can be hard to take off your feet as well as pull on and the handle openings can let brush into the boots.

Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot

Kamik Men's NationPro Snow Boot, Black, 12 M US

If you are in the market for a well-insulated  hunting boot that’s waterproof and doesn’t succumb to the extreme winter temperatures.The Kamik Nationplus is a good bet. It comes at an affordable price and offers exceptional protection from harsh winter weather.

They can also be paired with ultra-heavy socks for additional warmth. they come with a moisture-wicking lining that helps keep your feet warm and dry.They are easy to don and remove, while the wider top allows one to tuck in their pants leg. The rubber sole helps prevent slippage, while rust proof speed lacing system ensures that your laces stay in good condition.

They also come with 10” shaft that helps keep your feet warm even when in deep snow. The 200B Thinsulate keeps the boots warm without weighing them down.

The main disadvantage is that the size of the hunting boot is affected as the lining compresses. In addition, the sole is a bit thin and as such, an additional liner may be required to increase warmth and comfort.

Muck Boots FLD-MBK

Muck Boot Men's Wetland Waterproof/Work/Insulated/Gardening/Camping 10 M Brown

The Muck FLD-MBK hunting boot is a great choice if you need something that will help you traverse any terrains in any kind of weather. From an ideal 65 degree Fahrenheit environment to sub-freezing temperatures, it will keep you at the right temperature regardless of what is going on in the real world.

They come with 100% waterproof soles to keep you dry, as well as additional Achilles, an outsole and toe reinforcement. The uppers are made from a breathable, flex foam lining that keeps you warm while the outsole wraps around the boot for excellent traction.

They come in various camouflage patterns that help you blend into any environment.

How To Buy Hunting Boots

There are several factors that one should consider when shopping for hunting boots to ensure that you make the right purchase. Such include:


A good pair of hunting boots should be able to offer comfort and fit your foot perfectly while taking on the harshest weather conditions.As such, it’s always a good idea to take a look at what the manufacturer to see what they’ve done for insulation.

As a general rule you have to buy a pair of boots with the level of insulation that is needed for its intended use. A thickly insulated boot is a option for hunting expeditions that involve sitting in a tree stand in very cold weather; Or essentially activities that require sitting still in a hide in cold weather for a long time.A thinly insulated boot is good  for hunters who will have to move a lot during their trips. As such, a boot with just enough insulation that will keep your feet warm, but not overheating your feet when the exercise produces too much heat.

A well-crafted pair of  hunting boots should be able to keep out the cold in the winter and vice versa during the warmer months.You should also take in consideration when you are walking trails that you boot will protect you against snake bites.

It’s also important that you invest in boots whose insulation corresponds with the intended use.For instance when you are walking in forests be sure to have boots that fit your foot perfectly and protects you against snake bites.


A good pair of hunting boots should be able to last long, regardless of what kind of terrain they are used in.And make sure they fit your feet perfectly and give you some protection against snake bites.

  • What is the outer casing of the hunting boot made of ?
  • How are they put together ?Do they fit my foot perfectly?
  • Can the hunting boot withstand mud and water ?
  • Can they be used in thick brush or areas that are full of jagged rocks ?

All these are some of the questions whose answers will help determine just how durable a hunting boot is.

Donning and doffing

Every hunter needs a pair of hunting boots that is easy to get on and off. Depending on your needs. You can opt for boots that simply slip on and off or ones that come with a lace up design.

The weight

This can make the difference between turning around and continuing with your walk. There is no definite answer as to what the right weight of a hunting boot should be.

The general weight ranges from a few ounces to five pounds or even more.It’s also important that you consider the possibility of mud sticking to the sole and adding to the original weight of the boot.


As you may already know, picking the best hunting boot isn’t the easiest task. This is mainly because there are so many variables in every hunt. The fact that everyone’s needs are unique makes answering the question of which boots are the best a challenge.This guide has provided all the information you need to make a good investment. The most important thing to remember is that a good understanding of your hunting scenario can ease the task of choosing which hunting boot is right for you.

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