Best Fishing Tackle Boxes: Buy The Right Box From Our Detailed Guide

Best Fishing Tackle Boxes
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There is something about taking some bait, fishing line, pole and rod down to the lake that is immensely satisfying. Some people take more than just the bare fishing basics and as such, having a safe place to keep everything is important. This is where a tackle box comes in. Tackle boxes come in different designs and sizes. Combined with the thousands of models available on the market, it is easy to understand why identifying a tackle box that meets your needs can prove difficult. The good news is that we have done the hard work for you and compiled a comprehensive guide that reviews the 10 best tackle boxes. We also tell you how to narrow down your options during the search.

Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System, Premium Tackle Storage
Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System, Premium Tackle Storage
Includes Plano 4 utility system, Plano brochure, nameplate order form; Three removable bait racks with separate access
Amazon Prime
Plano 1444 Magnum Guide Series Tackle Box Graphite/Smoke, One Size
Plano 1444 Magnum Guide Series Tackle Box Graphite/Smoke, One Size
Plano Tackle Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952; Four layers of storage to keep your tackle organized and easily accessible
Amazon Prime
Plano 137401 By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box, Multi, 16' X 12' X 17.25' 6lbs
Plano 137401 By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box, Multi, 16" X 12" X 17.25" 6lbs
Tested for durability; Made in the USA; Made using the highest quality components; Includes Plano large 4-by rack system, Plano brochure, nameplate order form
Amazon Prime
Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag, 38.8-Liter, Black
Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag, 38.8-Liter, Black
Roomy design holds up to four large tackle boxes (included); Made from tough 1680 denier polyester with a durable PVC backing
Amazon Prime
Plano PLAM80700 Kayak V-Crate Tackle Box and Bait Storage, Premium Tackle Storage, Grey/Red, One Size
Plano PLAM80700 Kayak V-Crate Tackle Box and Bait Storage, Premium Tackle Storage, Grey/Red, One Size
Unit hinges backward to accommodate low clearance | Made in USA; Sport type: Outdoor Lifestyle

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Best Fishing Tackle Boxes: Our Top Picks

Read on for our reviews of the best products on the market and pick your favorite:

Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System

Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System, Premium Tackle Storage

The Plano 7771 is designed to provide plenty of storage space and protect your fishing gear. It boasts 5 ProLatch StowAway utility boxes, four of which are 2-3701 and one 2-3500. There are three removable bait racks on the top section and they have a separate access that guarantees a more organization of your tackle. The DuraView lens gives you easy top access.

This tackle box features a 4 utility system and its sturdy construction includes a comfortable over-molded handle. Carrying it from one place to another is relatively easy and effortless. You can store virtually anything in the box from lures to tackles thanks to the bulk storage it offers. Last but not least, this system is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Well thought out design that includes dividable trays
  • Comes with two front latches to keep your things secure
  • Effortlessly pull each box without removing the trays
  • Plenty of storage and neat organization for all of your fishing tools
  • Some customers received the box in poor condition

PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box

Plano 3113305 PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box, White/Green, Premium Tackle Storage

The Plano Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box is designed with the needs of anglers in minds. It offers plenty of storage for your fishing lines, lures, bait and other gear. It features three trays, all of which slide out to give you quick and easy access. You can remove the drawers and replace them with StowAway boxes when need be. The drawers are fitted with dividers for neat organization.

Also included are DuraView lids that offer easy access to the two top storage areas. The box uses three heavy duty brass bailed latches to keep all your things safe and secure. The bottom storage can be accessed with ease and the unit is sturdily made with hardened plastic.

  • Large bulk storage with three trays and bottom compartments
  • Keeps contents safe and secure with three latches
  • Has two top access storage areas with DuraView lids
  • Tackle trays are removable and can be replaced with StowAway boxes
  • Some customers cited quality issues

Plano 1444 Magnum Guide Series Tackle Box

Plano 1444 Magnum Guide Series Tackle Box

Versatile, easy to use and compact are some of the qualities that define the Plano 1444 Magnum Guide Series Tackle Box. It is one of the portable tackle boxes on the market and only weighs 7 pounds. The robust handle at the top makes it easy to carry the box around and its compact design allows you to fit into a larger tackle system or boat without much hassle.

When it comes to accessibility and organization, the Plano 1444 has trays and deep wells. The wells come handy when it comes to storing larger reels and fishing lures. The two lid trays have various slots for size 3450 boxes. There is a top tray area that can store many fishing essentials like extra line, lures, and hooks. The box is made from molded plastic and stands up well to abuse.

  • Incredible storage space given the compact size
  • Easy to customize storage with removable parts
  • Reasonably priced
  • Trays and compartments are easily accessible
  • Not as rugged as some customers would have liked

Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box- 55 Piece Tackle Gear Kit

Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box- 55 Piece Tackle Gear Kit Includes Sinkers, Hooks Lures Bobbers Swivels and Fishing Line By Wakeman Outdoors Blue

The Wakeman Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box is designed to provide ample storage and lasting dependability. It comes with a lid that has a built-in storage compartment. This means quick and easy access to your fishing gear. There is a tray inside that offers additional storage without hindering access to the compartment below.

Anglers of every age will be able to carry this tackle box from place to place with ease thanks to the sturdy and collapsible handle. It uses multiple latches to keep everything securely stored. The best thing about the Wakeman Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box is that it comes with all the essentials required to have a fun fishing experience including assorted sinker and line weights, round bobber floats, hook remover tool, plastic fishing lures, vertical pole float and more.

  • Collapsible handle allows for compact storage
  • Includes 55-piece assorted fishing essentials
  • Roomy interior with compartments ensure easy access
  • Small tackle box for the pros

Ready to Fish 136 piece 2 Tray Tackle Box

Ready to Fish 136 piece 2 Tray Tackle Box

If you are shopping for a budget hard tackle box, the Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box is a good contender. It is a cost-effective model best suited for casual fishing or anyone who is just getting started. The box is made from hardened plastic and includes everything you need to get up and running quickly. It comes with floats, weights, hooks and jig heads.

Also notable is the fact that this box has two trays that hold 132 pieces worth of assorted tackle. They are hinged into the box and feature removable dividers that allow you to customize storage. You also get a fishing guide, which is particularly handy if you are a beginner.

  • Come with two trays that have removable dividers
  • Includes 132 pieces of assorted tackles to get you started
  • Durable build with hardened plastic
  • Collapsible handle for easy transportation and compact storage
  • Plastic latch may break under the heavy weight of tackles

Wakeman Fishing 2-Tray Tackle Box with 3 Removable Organizers

Wakeman Outdoors 2-Tray Fishing Tackle Box Craft Tool Chest and Art Supply Organizer with Lid Storage and 3 Removable Front Organizers - 18 Inch

Manufactured by a reputable company, this tackle box is designed to fulfill the needs of an angler. It has a solid build and can be used in any environment without worrying about damage. Its heavy-duty construction guarantees maximum security for your gear. The ergonomic design along with the handle improves handling and makes it easy to carry your box around. It is quite spacious and incorporates multiple compartments for organizing your fishing essentials.

  • Two pull out trays and three removable built-in storage
  • More than thirty compartments for easy organization
  • Features edge tool slots on the sides
  • Removable inserts allow easy access to baits and lures
  • A little too small

Plano 1374 4-By Rack System Tackle Box

Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box

The Plano 1374 4-By Rack System Tackle Box is made using high-quality components for lasting durability. One of the major highlights is a Plano large 4-by rack system, which guarantees neat storage and access to fishing essentials. It fits a 3503 spinnerbait box in bulk storage, although it doesn’t ship with one. You get four utility boxes of size 3700 and you can interchange them for customizable storage. Like other Plano tackle boxes, this one is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Sturdy made with hardened plastic
  • Includes four 3700 boxes
  • Can fit 3503 spinnerbait boxes
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Quality issues reported by a few customers

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag, 38.8-Liter, Black

The Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag is made from a tough polyester fabric and features a durable molded bottom that is suitable for all environments. There are four plastic storage containers inside the bag that allow you to organize your fishing tackle with ease. The large external pockets have zipper closures and are perfect for storing small valuables. You also get a pliers holder. Carrying the tackle bag is easy thanks to the fixed handle and adjustable padded strap.

  • Durable molded bottom holds up well in most conditions
  • Durable build with tough polyester
  • Includes four plastic storage boxes
  • Easy portability with fixed handle and padded strap
  • Bigger gear doesn’t fit well in the boxes

Plano PLAM80700 Kayak V-Crate Tackle Box And Bait Storage

Plano PLAM80700 Kayak V-Crate Tackle Box and Bait Storage, Premium Tackle Storage

The Plano V-Crate Tackle Box boasts a unique milk crate design with a V-shape that provides easy side access. Every side has an open slot that can hold two 3600 or 3700 StowAway boxes and you get four 23750 stows. Also featured is a side rail system that you can use to attach accessories. The base attaches to a kayak and you can detach the main unit for improved portability.

  • Unique V-shape design allows easy side access
  • Main compartment can be detached for transportation
  • Base can be attached to the kayak
  • Accommodates four stow boxes
  • It is top heavy

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box Green, L 15.7 x W 9.6 x H 18.5 inches, 11 pounds, Waterproof, 5 Removable Tackle Trays, 4 Rod Holders, Rolling Fishing Tackle Bag, Roller Tackle Box

The Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box makes it easy to juggle equipment and carry your gear from the cabin to the boat. It can accommodate up to 25 pounds, which is plenty considering how light most gear is. The shoulder strap is a welcome addition that allows for better portability when rolling the bag doesn’t make sense. There are eighteen compartment tackle trays as well as a padded and adjustable top storage compartment, which make it easy to keep your things organized.

  • Includes four fishing rod holders with straps
  • Rolling tackle box has a collapsible handle for transportation
  • Plenty of storage with five large 18-compartment utility boxes
  • Wheels could be bigger for handling muddy tracks

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tackle Box

Types Of Tackle Boxes

There are two main types of tackle boxes i.e. hard and soft.

Hard tackle storage boxes are sturdily constructed and robust. Most of them are made from hardened plastic because it is lightweight. In addition, hardened plastic is not susceptible to damage. Not all hard tackle boxes are waterproof so be sure check for this quality, especially if you intend to fish from a kayak. Those made from metal are prone to damage from dents and have a tendency to absorb a lot of heat. Hard tackle boxes are good for carrying necessities. Unfortunately, they are not very dynamic and aren’t the best for someone carrying a lot of extras.

Otherwise known as tackle bags or backpacks, soft tackle boxes are usually made from nylon. They allow you to be hands-free, making it easy to navigate obstacles en route to the fishing spot. A major advantage of soft tackle boxes is there is a huge amount of gear you can carry with you. They accommodate more gear than hard tackle boxes and are a good option for someone who wants to bring extras like flashlights, rods, a camera, fishing license, water bottles and more. In addition, they are lighter than their hard counterparts.

Easy accessibility

Fishing is about having the right tools at the right time and as such, the ability to quickly change things out quickly comes handy. Easy accessibility to different lures and baits is an important consideration to make when shopping for a new tackle box. Most models come with open compartments made from a transparent material that is strong enough to withstand constant abuse. They are easy to open and feature sturdy compartments that are easy to access.

Storage space

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to any angler is the inability to bring everything they want in a tackle box. Truth is, most of the time fish doesn’t get away just because the fisherman decided to be kind. It is usually because they didn’t have the right tools. Ample storage guarantees that you will not have to worry about the “one that got away.” A good amount of storage is about more than just the overall volume. The compartments should also be large enough to hold multiple fishing lures, baits, lines etc.

Ease of portability

Another factor you should consider is how easy it is to carry a tackle box. Some models come with wheels for easier transportation. Other models offer a simpler approach that includes a secure handle.


This is quite an important consideration to make because, after all, organization is the main purpose of a tackle box. The best models have all kinds of bells and whistles to ensure that you keep your gear neatly. Some of the features to look for include adjustable slots, comfortable handles, levels of trays, multiple compartments and secure latches. Your choice of organization features should be determined by how you fish.


If you have ever gone fishing and opened your tackle box only to find your tackle corroded, then you know the importance of purchasing a waterproof tackle box. The good news is that most models are designed to be waterproof, and the only way your tackle could get exposed to water is if it was opened or submerged.

Sturdy Build

During your search for a tackle box, you will come across models made from plastic, metal and molded boxes. You will also find tackle cases that are enveloped in strong nylon material with carrying straps and mesh pockets. These allow for stress-free transportation and access to small items. Before making a final choice, stand on the box with your full weight. If it doesn’t break, then it has sufficient hardness and can offer lasting durability. The box should also be able to withstand the impact of accidents, prolonged exposure to the sun and any other abuse. Make sure that the latches are solid and sturdy, and the handles easy to hold.

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