Best Fishing Gloves: We Rate Some Of The Greatest Protection For Your Hands

Best Fishing Gloves
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Fishing gloves are one of the most overlooked gear by fisherman but serious anglers know that you need a good pair of gloves when you are serious about your sport. They allow you to fish all year round, regardless of the temperatures and protect your hands from harm in case of accidents. Anyone who is serious about angling should certainly get themselves a good pair of fishing gloves.After all, you never know what will happen to your hands while fishing. There is always the risk of slicing your fingers while gutting a fish, getting a hook caught in your finger or being exposed to extremely low temperatures. These gloves come in a variety of styles and with different features. So how do you know which one best suits your needs?

Keep reading to learn more about the best fishing gloves and what to consider during your search.

Rapala Fisherman's Gloves, Large , Black
Rapala Fisherman's Gloves, Large , Black
Non-slip fish handling gloves.; Fresh or Saltwater; designed to float; Durable Latex Coating.
Glacier Glove Elite Angler Slit Finger Gloves - Medium - Black
Glacier Glove Elite Angler Slit Finger Gloves - Medium - Black
Versatile outdoor gloves; Great for fishing, hunting, ATV riding, photography and more; Slit fingers provide quick access to index finger and thumb
Amazon Prime
Glacier Glove Ice Bay Waterproof Gloves - Medium - Black
Glacier Glove Ice Bay Waterproof Gloves - Medium - Black
2mm fleece lined neoprene; Seamless palm design; 100% waterproof; Sharkskin textured; Blind stitched and glued
Amazon Prime
Fish Monkey FM25-FALLWTRCAM-L Tundra Fall Water Camo L
Fish Monkey FM25-FALLWTRCAM-L Tundra Fall Water Camo L
Designed specifically for captains, deckhands, professional guides, recreational anglers; Durable and comfortable
Glacier Glove Waterproof Slit Finger Pro Angler Gloves - Medium
Glacier Glove Waterproof Slit Finger Pro Angler Gloves - Medium
2mm fleece lined neoprene; Seamless palm design; Waterproof; Pre-curved fingers; Slit finger design allows access to thumb and pointer fingers
Amazon Prime

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Best Fishing Gloves: Our Top Picks

Read on to find out why these products found themselves on our list and pick your favorite product according to your specific needs:

Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove

Rapala Fisherman's Gloves, Large

The Rapala Marine Fishing Gloves are designed with durable materials that include a latex coating. They offer optimal protection for your hands from sharp gills and teeth or powerful dorsal fins. The latex coating will last many years of fishing and makes it easy to clean your gloves. You can simply toss them in water and air dry the gloves without worrying about loss of shape or shrinkage.

These gloves offer excellent non-slip control when holding fish. Even the most active fish will be held securely in your grip so you never have to tell stories about the” ones that got away.” They are a good investment for someone who loves both freshwater and saltwater fishing. They can handle almost any situation including hot weather, powerful and skittish fish as well as cold temperatures.

  • They ensure that fish don’t slip out of your hands
  • Ample protection against cuts and scrapes
  • Easy to care for and a lasting design
  • Can handle any situation in freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Incredibly versatile pair of gloves
  • They run a little small and aren’t completely waterproof

Striker Ice Defender Ice Fishing Gloves

Striker Ice Mens Defender Gloves, Large

The Striker Ice Defender Ice Fishing Gloves boast a durable construction and maximum protection. The fabric back of the hand is made from a 200g Thinsulate Insulation material to give you optimal protection from cold weather. They have a full leather palm that ensures maximum protection from the elements while providing a firm grip on rods.

Another notable feature is the Hipora waterproof and breathable insert, which helps protect your hands from coming into contact with water. It also ensures that your hands remain cool and dry even during hot summer days. The fingers are pre-curved for a comfortable resting and the accordion knuckles provide unparalleled flexibility. Striker incorporates an adjustable wrist closure and gauntlet closure, both of which offer a snug and comfortable fit.

  • Features full leather palm and textile backhand
  • Adjustable closures guarantee a comfortable fit
  • Plenty of flexibility with accordion knuckles
  • Well insulated with 200g Thinsulate to keep you warm
  • Hipora insert keeps your hands warm and dry
  • Some customers cited issues regarding the sizing system

Stormr Stryker Durable Fishing Glove

Stormr Strykr 2mm Neoprene Women and Men's Glove - Fully Lined Micro-Fleece Gloves with Adjustable Wrist Closures - Ideal for Ice Fishing, Winter Conditions, and Foul Weather, L

If you are shopping for the best ice fishing gloves, the Stormr Strykr for men and women will prove a worthy investment. They feature a fleece-lined neoprene that offers plenty of warmth. The palms and fingers are made of a material that is highly durable. Stromr incorporates an adjustable wrist closure for convenience and comfortable fit.

What really sets these gloves apart from run-of-the-mill models is that the stress points are lined with Kevlar. This offers increased resistance to wear and tear at the index finger and thumb tips. The fact that the seams are glued and blind stitched makes the gloves an excellent option for handling braided lines.

  • Design and build quality ensure the gloves are durable and waterproof
  • Suitable for several pieces of outer clothing
  • Highly rip resistant thanks to glued and blind stitched seams
  • Kevlar reinforcement at stress points reduces the risk of tear
  • Doesn’t always provide sufficient insulation

Glacier Glove Slit Finger Fishing Glove

Glacier Glove Lightweight Pro Angling Glove, Black, Medium

Letting fish slip out of your grasp will be a thing of the past with the Glacier Glove Slit Finger Fishing Gloves. They are sturdy gloves made from neoprene and designed to protect your hands from the cold without being overly heavy. Use of neoprene material also guarantees a secure grip so that you don’t have to worry about wet gear or active fish slipping through your hands. Additionally, these gloves are fitted with convenient Velcro straps that secure them around the wrist. The straps help prevent water from seeping into the gloves while keeping you warm.

One of the aspects that make these gloves unique is their innovative design. They have a slit finger design that allows you to easily remove the tips of the fingers when need be. You can wear the tips when you require complete protection from the elements or remove them to perform delicate tasks. The tips are held in place by small Velcro tabs. The pre-curved fingers provide better flexibility, hence improved finger movement and reduced fatigue.

  • Constructed sturdily to last a few years
  • Neoprene material has the added advantage of a firmer grip on fish
  • Velcro wrist straps effectively stop water from seeping into gloves
  • Tips can be removed to accomplish delicate tasks
  • Inventive design that prevents fatigue and improves finger movement
  • They are not completely waterproof

Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove

Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove, Black, Medium

The Glacier Glove Ice Bay Fishing Gloves are also a great option for ice fishing and are durably constructed from neoprene, so you can expect them to keep you warm for many years to come. The neoprene material does a good job of protecting you from the cold winter temperatures with a fleece lining and doesn’t interfere with finger movements. This makes it easy for you to string line and bait hooks without having to take off the gloves.

The tight fitting fabric allows for a snug yet comfortable fit. It also offers plenty of dexterity and prevents water from seeping in. The top of the gloves fit perfectly around the gloves, providing further protection from water seepage. You will love the palms as they are textured to ensure that your gear doesn’t slip from your grip.

  • Durable build with neoprene and internal fleece lining
  • Perfect for those seeking warmth, durability, and dexterity
  • Glued neoprene material is textured for better grip on fish or gear
  • Good flexibility even when fingers are enclosed within gloves
  • Fleece lining is not breathable hence gloves aren’t good for warm weather

Fish Monkey Premium Insulated Mitten Fishing Glove

Fish Monkey Premium Insulated Mitten Fishing Glove - Fall Water Camo (Large)

The Fish Monkey Tundra Mitten Fishing Gloves feature premium insulation to protect your hands from the cold. They are designed with technology that keeps your arms warm and cozy The gloves are fitted with Thinsulate Insulation and have PU leather monkey grip palms that guarantee a non-slip grip.

The integrated pockets serve as hand warmers while the polar fleece lining offers even more warmth for your hands. These gloves are made with water and windproof fabrics designed to last a long time. They have an extended neoprene cuff that keeps the elements out. The strong finger pulls make it easy to don and doff the gloves.

  • Features PU leather monkey grip palms for a non-slip grip
  • Made with waterproof and windproof fabrics
  • Designed with Thinsulate Insulation for optimal protection from the cold
  • Easy to wear and remove with extended neoprene cuff
  • Mitten gloves don’t offer a lot of control and flexibility

UV Sun Protection Half Finger Glove

The Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Gloves, Certified Sun Protection UPF50+ Block, Kayak, Hiking, Paddling, Sailing, Rowing, Driving, Protect Hands from Sun Damage, Chemical Free, Sand M

The Fishing Tree UV Sun Protection Gloves are guaranteed to provide more SPF 50+ and UPF protection than other fingerless gloves. They are designed to protect your hands from sunburn and prevent skin tightening due to frequent and extensive sun exposure. You can use these gloves for strenuous activities because they are breathable and lightweight. They have a tactile quality and serve well as an extension of your hands.

These gloves have Velcro wrists and are sturdily made with dove grey Amara synthetic leather as well as navy blue lycra. This ensures optimal comfort and freedom of movement. You can machine wash them for stress-free maintenance and the seams are double stitch for added strength.

  • Provides a barrier to prevent calluses and blisters when handling gear
  • Gloves are made sturdily without compromising comfort
  • Half finger design for maneuverability and full dexterity
  • Easy to take care of and forget you have them on
  • Sizing running a little too large

Pro Angler Gloves

Pro Angler, Medium

The Glacier Glove Pro Angler Fishing Gloves are made from neoprene to provide maximum durability regardless of the task they are used for. They have slits in the fingers that can be worn when you need protection from the elements or removed for better flexibility when handling delicate tasks. The curved finger design helps prevent finger fatigue when fishing for extended periods of time. They have a wrist strap that provides a snug fit and keeps water from seeping into the gloves.

  • Premium fishing gloves made from neoprene
  • Offer freedom of finger movement with slit fingers
  • Strap on wrist gives you a snug fit
  • 2mm fleece lining offers increased warmth
  • Preformed shape is a little hard to work with

Stormr Typhoon Durable Fishing Gloves

Stormr Typhoon Women and Men's Durable Yet Comfortable Fishing Glove with High Stretch Premium Micro-fleece Lined 3MM Neoprene: Best Used for Ice Fishing, Winter Conditions, and Foul Weather (Black, Medium)

These gloves are also made from neoprene and have a high level of stretch. They have a micro-fleece lining that keeps your hands warm during cold winter months. The palms are designed to ensure a non-slip grip, allowing to securely hold on to gear or fish even with when wet. They offer an anatomical fit that allows you to pull the glove on and off with ease. External blind stitching offers extra strength and helps improve the gloves’ resistance to water.

  • Made with high stretch neoprene material
  • External blind stitch and liquid taped seams provide extra durability
  • Anatomical fit has an easy on and off design
  • Total thickness of 3mm
  • Lined with fleece for warmth
  • Not the best for ice fishing

AFTCO Bluefever Utility Fishing Glove

AFTCO Bluefever Utility Fishing Glove (Release) by AFTCO

The Bluefever Utility Glove by AFTO has double reinforced material on the thumb, index and middle finger for added strength and durability. They do a good job of keeping your hands safe and secure. The gloves utilize numbs to provide a secure grip so that fish or gear doesn’t slip through your fingers. A tacky diamond-grip is directly injected into the nylon mesh palm to give you a better grip when the glove is wet.

  • Double reinforced thumb, index, and middle fingers
  • Vented foam-backed mesh keeps your hands cool
  • Neoprene cuff and Velcro cuff allow for a comfortable and secure fit
  • A little too stiff

What to Consider When Shopping for Fishing Gloves


You cannot use the same gloves for fishing in the summer and ice fishing. Obviously, the kind of weather you will be fishing in plays a major role in the kind of fishing gloves you purchase. Every glove is best suited for particular weather conditions. If fishing in the winter, a double layered pair of gloves will help keep your hands warm. In contrast, a thin and breathable glove will allow for breathability during the summer.

Some gloves have a fingerless design, where the tips of each finger don’t have a cover. Such models are suitable for warm weather. Some anglers like gloves with exposed fingers because they provide a better grip on the tip than other models. Another feature to look for if fishing in sunny environments is protection from sunburns.


Neoprene gloves are properly insulated and don’t allow moisture to come into contact with your hands. As such, they are an excellent fit for ice fishing. Neoprene also allows plenty of flexibility without sacrificing protection from freezing temperatures.

Superfabric material is the best type of material for fishing gloves. It is an interwoven material with 800% more puncture resistance than ordinary gloves. It is also stronger and many gloves made from this material are doubled up, hence twice the layers of protection.


If you are fishing for big game species, consider gloves with a heavy grip. They will make it easier to hold on to the rod when dealing with strong fish and ensure that your hands don’t slip. This is particularly important for novice anglers who don’t want to be taken by surprise by skittish fish.


You should get a pair of fishing gloves that fit well. Wearing gloves that are either too tight or too loose will only ruin your fishing trip. Additionally, a good pair of gloves should provide ample flexibility and mobility required to catch fish. They shouldn’t be too loose because you don’t want to spend more time adjusting your gloves than fishing.


Depending on the conditions you will be fishing in, you may need a lightweight or thicker pair of gloves. For instance, gloves made from neoprene with a 5-7 mm thickness will suffice if you are going ice fishing. Consider a pair that is doubled by a layer of a thermal glove as it is more capable of keeping the warmth inside. On the other hand, more flexible gloves with a 2-3mm thickness are an ideal for spearfishing.


You need gloves that do everything you need them to without breaking the bank. That said, some low priced models are almost as good as more expensive ones. Don’t spend extra money on heavy-duty gloves for particular styles of fishing. Determine the amount of money you are willing to spend and find the best gloves in that budget range.

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