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best compound bow
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If you’re just starting out hunting or with archery then choosing the best compound bow is an important first step in your journey. We rate the best.

If you just started compound bow hunting, there is a good chance that navigating all the options available has left you feeling overwhelmed and confused. There are hundreds of products in the market with different specifications and designed by various brands. This makes it hard, even for experts, to tell the difference between various compound bows.

There are so many features that one has to consider when shopping for a good compound bow and manufacturers don’t make this easier as they use technical terms in their product descriptions. The good news is that we make it our mission to wade through all the technical jibber jabber and break down the information to help you make an informed choice. Regardless of what manufacturers or retailers may tell you, there is nothing like a best option.

At the end of the day, your choice depends more on what you need and your personal preferences. Whatever you need, this guide will prove useful in helping you make a good investment.

Top compound bow brands

If you want to ensure that you buy the best, knowing which brands are reliable and known for delivering quality hunting equipment is a good way to start your search.

The manufacturers reviewed below are known to be industry leaders for designing high quality, easy to use and precise hunting equipment.

Bear Archery: This company has been a top brand for a long time. Bear Archery launches new products to the market every year and with each release, they score high scores. Their products have been known to feature in ‘best-of’ roundups every now and then in hunting periodicals.

Bowtech: This is a brand known for serious innovations when it comes to designing and manufacturing hunting equipment, especially compound bows. They are famous for launching the binary cam system as well as the Powershift technology.

PSE: They claim to be the best of the best and while that’s debatable, they are certainly famous for producing high quality compound bows. Their products don’t have much in the way of flashy design, but the high quality materials make up for that.

Overview of the 10 best compound bows

We have put together a list of the 10 best compound bows based not just on their features and manufacturer’s word, but also on verifiable customer reviews on Amazon.

After all, there is no better way to determine a product’s performance than by knowing what kind of experience they offer.

Image Model Draw Length Draw Weight Max Speed Price Rating
SAS Range SAS Rage 70 Compound Bow 26″ -30″ 55 – 70 lbs. 270 FPS $$
Martin Archery Lithium Martin Archery Lithium 38”- 31” 335 FPS $$$$
Genesis Ultra Bow Genesis Original Bow 15″-30″ 10 – 20 lbs $
PSE Surge PSE Surge 19.5” – 30” 50lbs 320 fps $$$
Bear Cruzer Bear Cruzer 1”-30” 5 – 70 lbs $$
Diamond Infinite Edge Diamond Infinite Edge 1” – 30.5” 5- 70 lbs 310 fps $$
PSE Stinger PSE Stinger X 21″ – 30” 3.5 – 70 lbs 316-308 fps $$$
Bear Method Bear Method 30” 60lbs $$$
Bowtech Diamond Bowtech Diamond Deploy 26″ – 30.5″ 30.5 – 60lbs 330 fps $$$$
Diamond Atomic Youth Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model 12” – 24” 6- 29 lbs $

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SAS Rage 70 Compound Bow

SAS Range

While it is heavier than other compound bows on this list, it features durable construction and is built to withstand hours of misfires. The limbs feature a parallel design and are built from fiberglass, known for its durability as well as durability.

It comes with a dual, aluminum, eccentric system that allows for easy adjustment of the draw length. It also allows for an easy draw, hence an accurate shot. The draw weight can be adjusted to 5-70 pounds, making it the best option for anything from target practice to small game hunting.

Many hunters will appreciate the general look of this bow as the riser and limbs feature a camouflage design that helps one blend into the background. The only problem with this bow is that it isn’t the quietest.

Read the reviews on Amazon

Martin Archery Lithium

Martin Archery Lithium

While it is a bit pricey, about $600, the cost is certainly worth it. The Martin Archery Lithium features a one piece CNC machine bridge riser that is durable and equipped with Martin Archery’s patented vibration escape system. This helps provide a smooth and silent shot at a speed of 335 feet per second.

This bow has the perfect combination of lightweight, durability, stealth silence, deadly speed and excellent shoot ability, making for the best 3D compound bow. Other impressive features of this bow include 38 inches to 31 inches draw length adjustment, 7-inch brace height, 33.25 inches bow length from axle to axle, draw length of 26-31 inches, and draw weight of 50-70 pounds.

It is harnessed with the carbon STS, x4 twin limbs and fully adjustable Nitro 3 cams. It also comes with dual arrow clips that provide a secure option for holding arrows for easy access.

Read the reviews on Amazon

Genesis Original Bow

Genesis Orignal Bow

This is a great compound bow that is easy to set up and shoot. It is suitable for beginners, hence its popularity for instruction programs. The more you search, the more you’ll find positive reviews for this model as it provides an excellent combination of performance and flexibility.

It comes with an adjustable draw length, making it a favorite among children and women. It is made from high grade aluminum and features a single cam technology for improved accuracy. It also comes with an ergonomic grip, which is suitable for competitions.

While it isn’t the best for big game hunters, the Genesis Original Bow is a worthy investment for anyone who is still learning how to bow hunt.

Read the reviews on Amazon

PSE Surge

PSE Surge

This is another great option for beginners thanks to its relatively simple mechanics and easy learning curve. It can serve as a tutorial for novices whose goal is to get involved with more specialized bows.

It is a dual cam compound that has a high registered IBO speed of 312-320 feet per second, which is more than most beginner bows can provide. It sports a manageable, compact 32.5” axle to axle brace height.

The brace height is estimated to be 7.25 inches, which is incredibly forgivable. The maximum draw weight is 70 pounds while the draw height is 30 inches.

This bow is made from lightweight, durable aluminum and the large cutouts help cut down on a great deal of weight that many bows carry around unnecessarily.

Read the reviews on Amazon

Bear Cruzer

Bear Cruzer

It is a top contender for people who are new to hunting and are in the market for the best re-curve bow for hunting. When it comes to adaptability, it competes with no other products except the Diamond Infinite Edge which is reviewed below.

With a draw weight of 5-70 pounds and an adjustable draw length of 12-30 inches, it is the perfect option not only for beginners but also big game hunters.

The Bear Cruzer has a little more individual flair compared to other Bear bows and is available in various colors that appeal to children. This product is also designed for women.

Read the reviews on Amazon

Diamond Infinite Edge

Diamond Infinite Edge

If you are budget conscious, the Diamond Infinite Edge is quite a bargain. It is a versatile compound bow designed for both sexes and all skill sets, thanks to the wide spread on it that allows hunters to tailor it to their strength levels.

It comes with a dual cam and can release arrows at an average speed of 310 feet per second. The adjustable draw length is 13-30 inches. It has a maximum draw weight of 70 pounds, and is suitable for right-handed as well as left-handed archers. Its design makes suitable for those who want to master the art of archery before moving on to more advanced bow equipment.

The Diamond Infinite Edge is the best compound bow you will find within its reasonable price range of $300 – $400.

Read the reviews on Amazon

PSE Stinger X

PSE Stinger

This is one compound bow whose release caused a lot of excitement among hunters. It is designed for optimum durability and comes with a single cam system for improved accuracy. It has an adjustable draw length of 19-30 inches.

The back wall can also be adjusted as need be, a wonderful feature that many bows don’t offer. It also comes with dual compression limbs that help limit vibration in the bow strings, hence stealth silence for more precise targeting.

The ‘Grow with me’ setting allows users to adjust draw weight as they develop their skills, making it perfect for archers who are just starting out. It weighs 3.5 pounds, which is ideal for long distance hiking. With the PSE Stinger X, you get quality without investing a lot in terms of finances.

Read the reviews on Amazon

Bear Method

Bear Method

This is another product from Bear Archery that is designed with strength, accuracy, stealth silence and speedy shooting in mind. It comes with a half inch adjustable draw length that ranges from 25.5 inches to 30 inches.

It releases at 75% left off, which allows the archer plenty of freedom to adjust their aim while remaining on the target. Its shooting speed has an IBO standard of 350 feet per second, which allows for a nearly instant approach to the game.

It sports a synchronized hybrid system that with speed, there is enough power to bring down the largest targets. It has a 6 inch brace height, which is not so good for novice hunters. It also comes with a sound suppressor that ensures the entire draw and release process stays quiet, thus allowing you maintain cover.

Read the reviews on Amazon

Bowtech Diamond Deploy

Bowtech Diamond

This is a versatile piece of hunting equipment from Bowtech that comes with a fast, smooth and flexible cam. It is designed by some of the most popular names in the industry and as such, is a hard product to beat.

It is quiet, and offers an easy to draw and shoot option that many beginners will appreciate. The facts and figures are backed by a long trail of satisfied consumers who rate it the best overall performance compound bow on the market.

Read the reviews on Amazon

Diamond Atomic Youth Model

Diamond Atomic Youth

Over the years, Diamond has made a name for itself producing products suitable for youth archery. Available in three color combinations and at a fraction of the price, the Diamond Atomic compound bow is a lightweight bow that is highly adjustable.

It comes with an adjustable draw length of 12-24” and an adjustable draw weight of 6-29 lbs. It is a right-handed compound bow that comes with a brace height of 6 inches. The above features combined with an average weight of 2.5 lbs make the Diamond Atomic the ideal choice for the aspiring archer.

Read the reviews on Amazon

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How to buy a compound bow.

Many manufacturers understand that the compound bow is a personal and professional tool. This explains why many brands design bows individual settings can be adjusted and tailored to meet a specific user’s needs. Regardless of your strength, size, skill level or shape, there is a professional-quality compound bow out there waiting for you. But how do you know which one is best for you? What should you consider when in the market for a compound bow?

Brace height: This is the distance from the grip of the shooter to the bowstring. A direct correlation exists between how much work or physical exertion you must do to draw the bow back and how close the bowstring is to your wrist at rest. Shorter brace height leads to more store energy, which ultimately leads to more arrow velocity. It’s however important to note that novices should not use anything with a brace height of less than .5 inches, as any shooting technique flaws are amplified. A 7-inch brace height or higher is best for beginners.

Left off: This is the percentage of the peak weight that you hold at full draw. Lower let off translates to increased arrow velocity while higher let off means reduced arrow velocity. While too much let off can result to a bad shooting form, it can prove useful in situations where one has to wait for the perfect shot.

Draw length: This is the distance between the position of the bowstring at full draw and at rest. It’s important that you match the draw length to your physical stature to ensure that you achieve your full shooting potential. To determine the best draw length for you, divide your full arm span by 2.5. Some compound bows come with adjustable draw lengths, which is useful if you don’t want to do the above calculation.

Draw weight: This refers to amount of weight that one feels when retracting the bowstring. Opt for a bow with a maximum draw weight if you want to increase the velocity and amount of energy from each stroke. Note that if the draw weight is too high, it can result in poor shooting techniques as controlling the aim becomes a challenge.

Speed: This is the most important factors that should be considered when purchasing compound bows. It is measured in feet per second, and the general idea is to get a compound bow with the fastest speed as this makes it difficult for the prey to react to your shot.


Archery is widely popular nowadays and this can be evidenced by blockbuster movies such as Avengers and Hunger Games or TV shows like Revolution. Compound bows are popular and understandably so. They are compact, powerful weapons that can be utilized for hobbies like hunting or target shooting. This guide tells you everything you need to know about shopping for compound bows.

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